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Finally our app, Teki is ready to upload and publish in Google Play. In this lecture we going to go through the steps how we can upload app to Google Play.

Step 1 – Create a Google Play Console account

You can start to create you own account by clicking on this link.

Google Play Console

To create the account you have to have a Google account as well. If you have and you were logged in when you clicked on the above link, then you will be redirected to the Step 2 of the registration, so to the Accept Developer Agreement page.

You have to accept the developer agreement then you can go forward to the payment by clicking on the “Continue to payment” button.

To have a Google Play Console account you have to pay the one time fee, and it takes $25. To pay it you have to add your credit or debit card, your name on the card and your billing address. If you are done, then click on the “Buy” button.

After a successful payment you have to fill out the form about yourself, then click on the “Complete Registration” button at the bottom.

If everything was correct, then you will be redirected to your Google Play Console and you can start uploading your app.

Step 2 – Set the valid AdMob banner Id

Before we continue the upload, we have to change the AdMob test banner Id to the real one. In the previous lecture (Teki – AdMob) we created a banner.

So now open again your AdMob account, there your application, and click on the “Ad Unit” from the left menu. At the bottom of the name of the ad you can find the Ad Unit Id. Copy it.

Go back to Android Studio, and repleace the test Id.

adView!!.adUnitId = “ca-app-pub-………”

Step 3 – Generate signed Bundle / APK

During the development phase the Android Studio runs on our devices only a debug APK, what means that you could debug it, very straightforward. πŸ™‚ If we want to upload our app to Google Play, we have to generate a signed bundle or apk.

From the top menus select Build, then Build Signed Bundle / APK
Android App Bundle

Here we are going to select Android App Bundle. An Android App Bundle is a new upload format that includes all your app’s compiled code and resources, but defers APK generation and signing to Google Play.

Google Play’s new app serving model, called Dynamic Delivery, then uses your app bundle to generate and serve optimized APKs for each user’s device configuration, so they download only the code and resources they need to run the app.

Key Store

To publish our app, we have to have a Key store. This is needed if you want to update your app later, so save if carefully. Click on the “Create New…” button.

Fill out a form, I think it is straightforward. Still if you have questions, leave a comment πŸ™‚ …. If you are done, then click OK.

Last Steps

When you close the Key store window, then automatically the Key store fields are going to be filled out by Android Studio.

What you need is to find again a path for the Encrypted key, and there going to be this key exported.

Click “Next”.

The last window before the finish of this step is to select the “release” from the Build Variants list and click on the “Finish” button. Depends on you computer the generation can take 1-10 minutes, be be patient and in the meantime have a coffee and you can check our Instagram page. πŸ™‚

Step 4 – Create new app in Google Play Console

So what do we have until this step? We have created a Google Play Console account, and we have generated the signed app bundle using Android Studio.

In this step we are going to use them and we will start to upload our app to Google Play.

First open your Google Play Console account.

Select from the left menu the “All applications” options and click on the “Create Application” button.

On the next window select the language of the app, and give for it a name. In our case it is going to be in English, and name is Teki….click “Create”

On the next interface you will get a longer form. At least fill out the mandantory fields, but it is highly recommended to fill out everything what you can do to have a better user experience right from the download page of your app. The next few window will show you how I filled out this form about Teki.

Store listing
Product detailes
Graphic assets

I didn’t make any promo video for the game, because it is very simple, so I leave this field empty.


You can set maximum 5 tags to you app. Because Teki is a 2D game, I have set Arcade, Casual, Endless runner and the Survival tags. They descire the content and functionality of your app. It can specify for the user when they are searching on Google Play and they can find your app easier.

The Content rating part is still empty, we will check it in a later step. Don’t worry. πŸ™‚

Contact details
Privacy Policy

It is highly recommended to upload a Privacy Policy. Escpecially because of the GDPR, what is a data protection regualtion in EU. From another perspective, if you app has sign-in part, or if the user needs to provide personal information inside your app, then you have to upload a Privacy Policy, otherwise it could happen that Google will reject your app.


If you filled out all of the necessery fields, than click on the button at the bottom of the page and save the form. If it could be finished after save, then you will get a green checkmark next to the “Store listing” menu.

App releases

In this part we are going to upload the generated and signed app bundle.

Internal test track

If you want to have test before the production release then you can do it by managing the Internal test track. Here you can upload separetly a version of your app, and send it out to the email addresses what you have added to the list. If a Google account is on your list, then your testers can download you app, if they open the link what you have there. The app, what you upload here is visible only for the users, how are on your list. It is important, that the link will be visible only after Googles review.

Production track

In our case we won’t have any testphases, so we are going to upload the Teki game directly to the production track. So jump to the top of the page and click inside the Production track part on the “Edit Release” button.

Here we will have 2 steps. In the first step, inside the “Android App Bundles and APKs to add” part browse the released bundle/apk from your computer, and upload it. Be careful that every Android application has two attributes inside the Module build.gradle, the versionCode and the versionName. The versionCode has to be always uniqe for each upload.

For the “Release name” I always give the version and the same for the “What’s new in this release?” part extended with the short description about the changes.

If you are done, then click on the “Review” button at the bottom.

In the next page “Start rollout for production” button will be disabled. It is because we haven’t filled out all of the needed information about our app.

App content

In this page you have to select the target audience. First the age. In my case I selected ages from 13. I did, because I won’t upload any Families policy, because my app contains ads. Click “Next”.

Appeal to children? No.

Then “Next” and “Submit”.

Content rating

A questionaire about you app. Fill out carefully.

Pricing & distribution

Some more settings about the app. Our app is going to be free for everybody, available in all countries and it contains ads.

Device categories

The first version of Teki is going to be available only for phones, so in this part I left everything unchecked.

User programs

… and “Submit Update”

Back to the App releases

The next step is to finish the upload of the app bundle. If you have made everything correctly, then now the “Start rollout for production” button has to be clickable. If not, then check again that you have everywhere the green sign in the left menu.

Yes, confirm. πŸ™‚

Warning – Update the SHA-1 certificate fingerprint

After the successful review by Google, you are going to get a new SHA-1 code, what you have to provide if you needed it eg for Firebase authentication.

You can find it under the menu of “Release Management”, then in “App Signing”.


I hope the description was understandable and clear. But if you have still questions, then leave me comments below! πŸ˜‰

Have a nice a day! πŸ™‚



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