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In the previous part we have created our Android project using the GDX generator and we have opened it in Android Studio.

In this part we are going to create the app icon using a single image about our Teki.

Step 1 – Dowload assets

Before we start the creation, we need the assets for our game. I have uploaded it my Google Drive in a .zip file, so you can download it using a direct link.

Download Teki Assets

When the .zip is down, then extract all of the files to your project, to the assets folder.

Open the projects folder, there the android and the assets. From here you can delete the badlogic.jpg, because we won’t need it in the future anymore.

You have delete it from the code as wel, so remove this lines:

var img: Texture? = null img = Texture(“badlogic.jpg”) batch!!.draw(img, 0f, 0f) img!!.dispose()

So now open the Android Studio, and you can see all of the files if you open here the folder of android and assets.

If you don’t see the images here, then right click on the assets folder with your mouse and click on the “Synchrosize ‘assets’”.

Step 2 – Create the icon

To create the app icon open the Android Studio again. Here expand the android folder inside of the Project tab, what you can find at the left side of the window.

Right click on the res folder with your mouse, then new, then Image Asset.

This window will pop up for you.

Foreground Layer

By default we’re on the Foreground Layer, so we stay here for a while.

Icon Type – Select Launcher Icons (Adaptive and Legacy)

Name – Choose a name. I will give it the name teki_icon. Be careful, don’t use uppercase.

Layer Name – Can stay the generated teki_icon_foreground

Asset Type – We are going to use an Image.

Path – You can open the browser with the folder icon. Do it and select from the assets folder the teki_rightLegUp.png file.

Resize – After the selection of the image you can see our Teki. Currently the image is out of the safe zone (the black circle). I resize it to 49%. You should play with itto have your icon inside the safe zone.

Background Layer

Open the Background Layer tab, because we should change this green background also.

Layer Name – Can stay the autogenerated one also.

Asset Type – The background of our game will be a simple white color, so select the Color.

Color – Click on the color and choose the white one.


We leave here everything as it is. If you are done, then click on the “Next” button, then on the “Finish”.

Step 3 – Modify the AndroidManifest.xml

After the creation of the icon our adventure continues. If you run now the app, then the icon is going to remain the same. To have our created icon on our device, then we have to modify the AndroidManifest.xml.

You can find the file inside the android-manifest folder, open it. Inside the <application> tag there is the line:


… change it to


Finally run the app, and the icon will be changed, good work. 😉



I hope the description was understandable and clear. But if you have still questions, then leave me comments below! 😉 Have a nice a day! 🙂  


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