Teki – Change the username

Reading Time: 3 minutes
In the very last chapter we prepared the Main Menu, which contains 3 buttons, the Play, the Username, and the High Score buttons. Between the Username and the High Score buttons we left bigger space to change the username easier.

So in this chapter we will implement a pop up window, where the users can change their names. When they click on the OK button, then the name will be visible under the Username button.

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Teki – Save the username

Reading Time: 2 minutes

In the very last chapter, we implemented in our game the username and from now the user can change it. The problem is, when we restart the game, then we have to change every time the name. To let the game remember our username, we gonna implement Preferences. It will allows us to save the username, when the user changes it.

So let’s start coding.  😉

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Teki – High score

Reading Time: 6 minutes
Finally we have come to the last part of the game, where we will build up the last funcitonal

part of our Teki Android game tutorial. This is going to be the High Score screen and the list with the usernames and the scores.

Previously we have implemented in the Main Menu screen the High Score button. Currently, when tap it, we will see only a log message in the Logcat. In this chapter we will implement the High Score screen for the button and the the list of the scores.

So let’s start coding. 😉

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