Teki – Jump, crawl and gravity

Reading Time: 7 minutes

In the very last chapter we have implemented the touch of the up and down arrows. We gonna use these arrows to the jump and crawl control our heroine, Teki. In our game the controls means, that she will be able to jump and to crawl. She needs this moves, because she has to avoid the barriers front of her.

So our task in this chapter gonna be to implement this moves. For this we will define the gravity system as well.

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Teki – Game Over screen

Reading Time: 3 minutes
In the very last chapter we impelmented the collision detection. This was the first step to have the Game Over screen in our app.

So this feature looks like this: when we get now the log message in the Logcat of Android Studio, then the game will be finished, so it will be stopped.

Let’s start coding. ๐Ÿ˜‰

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Teki – The barriers

Reading Time: 8 minutes

In the very last chapter we implemented in our Teki Android game tutorial the jump and the crawl movement. So our heroine, Teki is closer and closer the have the chance to avoid the barriers.

In this chapter we gonna add this barriers to our game. A barrier can be a colorful, flying bird with different flight altitude or a stone on the ground. Further grit to the birds are flapping every second. ๐Ÿ˜‰

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Teki – Collision Detection

Reading Time: 3 minutes

Until now we have implemented in our Android game, Teki almost everything what do we need to may play the game. We have the running Teki, the barriers, the controls, the score and the constantly accelerating game. Still it is not enough, because we can go trough the barriers. To be honest, it is not what we want. ๐Ÿ™‚

In this chapter we are going to implement the collision detection. This will detect, if Teki and barriers have met with each other. If this happens, then the game will finish.

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Teki – The restart and back buttons

Reading Time: 4 minutes
In the very last chapter we created the Game Over screen. When we fail the game, the gameState gonna be changed to 2, and the game will be finished. In this case the Game Over image pops up.

In this chapter we gonna add to this screen 2 buttons, the Restart and the Back buttons. When we touch on the Restart button, then we can try again the game. But when we select the Back button, then later on the Main Menu will be visible. Now the gameState will be changed to 0.

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Teki – The main menu

Reading Time: 5 minutes
When we open the game, then we can see only our heroine, Teki with the background. From user experience view it is not the best, because the users won’t know what they have to do. The Main Menu screen will solve this issue as well.

The Main Menu screen will contain the name of the game, the Play, the Username and the High score buttons.

Also on this screen can the user change the username, but about this we are going to talk in a later chapter.

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