Teki – Upload app to Google Play

Reading Time: 6 minutes
Finally our app, Teki is ready to upload and publish in Google Play. In this lecture we going to go through the steps how we can upload app to Google Play.

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Teki – Introduction and Agenda

Reading Time: 2 minutes
This tutorial is about a 2D game, Teki. Teki is a girl, a turtlegirl. The game is very simple. The track has three things. Teki, our heroine, the nice background about her  home, and some barriers, and they can be stones, and colorful birds as well.

The game is a side-scroller where the player controls a turtle, attempting to run on the ground and to avoid the barriers front of her.

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Teki – Add Teki, the Turtlegirl

Reading Time: 5 minutes
In the very last chapter we defined the gameState. It means, our Android game will have 4 states, but still we have in the source code defined only the Main Menu screen and the Running game screen.

In this lecture we are going to add our heroine, Teki, the Turtlegirl. We will define her Textures, because she has 4 states, and her positions on the screen.

Let’s start coding. 😉

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Teki – Create app icon

Reading Time: 2 minutes
In the previous part we have created our Android project using the GDX generator and we have opened it in Android Studio.

In this part we are going to create the app icon using a single image about our Teki.

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Teki – The background

Reading Time: 4 minutes
We have already an intstalled project, what we been have reformatted to Kotlin, and we have also a nice icon for our app, but the background is still red, and to be honest, this not what we want, of course 😉

In this chapter we are going to talk about how to implement in our game the left moving background. Basically we will have 3 Textures, and the accelerating velocity.

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Teki – Get and install Gdx library

Reading Time: 4 minutes
We are going to start the Teki Android game tutorial by downloading libGDX
which is a free and open-source game-development application framework written in the Java programming language. It is cross-platform, supporting Windows, Android, iOS and web browsers with WebGL support, so it is a good system to learn.

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