Navigation component – Managing back stack

Reading Time: 5 minutes

In this chapter of the Navigation Component Android tutorial we are going to learn how can we manage the back-stack in our app. First we are going to add the SplashFragment. After that, we will check how we can handle it in the back stack. Then we will remove Fragment_4 from the back stack. So, when we press the back button, then the Fragment_1 pops up.

This tutoiral is about how to use the JetPack Navigation Component to handle the fragment’s, activity’s navigations, argument and actions in our app centralized. The sample app contains 6 fragments, the main activity and a Navigation Drawer.

In the very last chapter we have learned how we can handle dialog and how we can get back from it the result.

For this chapter we have prepared a starter project. This project contains already the SplashScreen, which will be firstly visible for the user, when they open the app.

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