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Flappy Bird – Game Over

The last part of the Flappy Bird tutorial has arrived. In the very last lesson we learned how to implement the collision detection. So know already when the bird’s circle overlaps the pipes’ rectangles.

In this lesson we are going to add the Game Over screen to the app. It means, that the game will stop when collision is detected, and the Game Over picture is going to be poped up.

So let’s get started. 🙂

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Flappy Bird – Scoring

In the very last lecture of the Flappy Bird tutorial we learned how to add to game the collision detection. When the circle of the bird overlap the rectangels of the pipes, then we are going to get a log message in the Logcat of the Android Studio.

In this lecture we are going to learn how to add the scoring to the Flappy Bird game. It means the score has to be even higher when our bird could fly through the gap of the pipes.

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