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It's me
It's me

Pázmándi Péter

Android developer

Budapest, Hungary


English, Hungarian

Almost 3 years of experience

I like reading about Android development 😎

Soft skills

Communication skills

Willingness to learn

Passion for technology

Strong problem-solving ability

Critical mindset


Compliance with deadlines




RunningApp uses the GPS technology found in your Android device to track your outdoor fitness activity, like walking, running and bycicling.

The intuitive and easy-to-use interface of the app makes it easy to track how far you went, how long it took, what your pace was, how many calories you burned, and the path you travelled on the map.

Once your activity is completed you can view a history of all of your activities and cumulative totals of all of your vital stats. You can also share your activities with your friends on socail media, like Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.

To have more motiviation for the activities you can set daily, weekly, monthly and yearly goals and later on you can check your status with the charts about your activities.

Similar to the social media newfeed page, RunningApp contains also a feed, where you can follow your friends activities, comment, like and share them.

The app is available on Google Play: RunningApp



Do you write often shopping lists on scrap of papers? Or even you don’t write any lists, and do you try to remeber all of the things, what you should buy?

Here is a solution for you problem. SuperShopper!

In this application you can create your own lists. You can just take out your phone from pocket or bag and you can just start buying what you need.

Do you go shopping with your friends, family? No problem. You can add your friends to your lists also and you can buy the same list in the same time.

  1. The process looks like below:
    Create an account
  2. Find your friends
  3. Create shopping list and share it with them
  4. Go shopping

Mission successful completed
Looks easy, right? 🙂

The app is available on Google Play: SuperShopper



In the WeatherApp application you can check the current weather and the forecast for the next 48 hours and 7 days.

This application uses in the background Retrofit to fetch the weather data from the OpenWeatherMaps API asynchronously.

In the app you can add multiple weather for the selected cities and you can sort them as you want. In case, if you don’t need a weather of a city anymore, then you can remove it easily.

I you like the light them, then you can select it also. But if you are a dark-mode user, then you can switch back to dark mode also.

If you would like to have the temperature in Fahrenheit or in Celsius, then you can make a selection in the settings screens.

This application has an Android Widget also. It means, if you add it to the home screen, then you can reach the current weather of the first selected city direcly from the icons of your apps.

The step-by-step app creation course is available on this website :
WeatherApp course

BMI Calculator
BMI Calculator

BMI Calculator

Don’t you know your BMI index? Then here is an app, where you can calculate it. 😎

In this simple app after providing your weight and heigt you can calculate your BMI index and you can save it if you would like to compare them later.

This app has cool dark colors which makes the usage more fun.

For this app a step-by-step creation course is also available on this website :
BMI Calculator course


Did you like my portfolio and you need an Android developer?
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Discord: PazPeti / #8481


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