Arithmetic Operators

Reading Time: < 1 minuteWe have following types of Arithmetic operators in Kotlin.

Operators Expression Equivalent To Description
Addition + a + b Used for Addition
Subtraction a – b a.minus(b) Used for Subtraction
Multiplication * a * b a.times(b) Used for multiplication
Division / a / b a.div(b) Used for division
Modulo % a % b a.mod(b) Used to get remainder of the division

These operations are binary, wich means they operate with two operands.


The following code declares two integer variables and prints their sum using the + (addition) operators


The division (/) operator results in an integer, removing any remainder.


To get the remainder of the division, use the % (modulo) operator.

The modulo operator cannot be applied to floating-point numbers.
However the division operator works with floating-point values and results in a floating-point result.


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